The Giraffes

These giraffes were a part of a wall mural I did in my sister’s kitchen this year. She called the mural her Serengeti mural. It was based on some giraffes I had sculpted for Walter Cronkite, and proceeded to paint on his daughter’s garden wall, with her son in attendance. After we had finished the mural, he and I went to have ice cream. That was the best part of every giraffe I’ve ever sculpted or painted from then to now, because by the time I was painting this on my sister’s kitchen wall, I couldn’t eat ice cream with quite the same amount of abandon as I had when I was on Martha’s Vineyard that sunny day so long ago. What is it about women and their thighs?!

Giraffes, Girafes, Giraffen, Girafas

Giraffes, Girafes, Giraffen, Girafas – part of a wall mural.

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