Which is Easier? To Create Unique Content or Make a Dagwood?

If you have a loaf of bread and a whole lot of meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, mayonnaise and patience, go for the Dagwood.  But creating unique content can be a lot more exciting and won’t require nearly as many paper towels. The trick is in finding the passion. Here are 5 steps to help you along your journey:

  1. Enjoy the content you are creating, or else your visitor will not. If you aren’t feeling good about the content, then stop. Go back to the place where you were feeling good – or start from scratch. The best content was made with passion.
  2. Deliver up content with a useful tip or trick. We are human beings. We love to learn things. We love to feel smart.
  3. Visual content is a must. Some ungodly percentage – something like 87% of posts – aren’t even clicked on without visuals. Be it a video, photography, illustrations, infographics – these are all visual content that matter.
  4. Make a list. People like to read lists. What are the top ten things you need to do to prepare yourself for your neurosis-filled family beach week trip? What are the seven most disgusting things you have in your house right now? What are the fifteen best things you have ever done for people you did not like?
  5. Find someone to interview.  Everyone loves to read a good Q&A. Humans love to read about themselves and love to send those interviews around for others to see. This is a passive – but smart way – to get original content out of someone else and to make that content go viral.

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