UI (User Interface)  & UX (User Experience

My father,  Thomas F. Gilbert (1927–1995),  was a psychologist who is known as the founder of the field of performance technology, also known as Human Performance Technology (HPT).  I cut my teeth in the field, by helping edit his novel, Human Competence, when I was a teenager. 

I went on to write four novels novels, but continued to be fascinated by the world of User-Interface and User-Experience.  By 2008, I was already developing UI / UX strategies for print publications. I then segued into the nonprofit field. 

After over a decade, I decided to start my own consultation business, offering my services to national and international websites (Hotel de Londres in Fontainebleau, France; Hôtel Britannique in Paris France; BonjourParis in France and America, etc.), print publications (the Orlando Sentinel, USA Today, Style magazine, etc.), nonprofits, and more.

 UI (User Interface)  & UX (User Experience

⇨ UI – Website Visual Designer

Goals: create solid, secure navigatable websites that attract viewers and easily connect to social media

  • secure SSL websites
  • easy navigation
  • pleasing to visit
  • brand the product
  • simple for staff
  • an eye on future practices and platforms
  • social media integration
  • cut costs for the producers – using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Shopify and other CMS website templates

UX Visual and Content Strategist

Goals: to help non-profits and corporations understand, streamline and sell their messages/products

    • Integrate and streamline all platforms, technically and visually link print / digital / marketing with tools and platforms that are easy for staff to use in order to interest members and attract potential members.


  • Integrate and streamline all messages across all platforms, train staff, board members, chapters, etc., how to make complementary websites and/or community forums, use social media, showcase publications (studies, research, etc.)