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About Sarah Gilbert Fox – a novelist (under her maiden name, Sarah Gilbert), a journalist, an editor and an artist/sculptor. She was born in Athens, Georgia, and has lived up and down the east coast of America, as well as in Paris, France. Her first novel was discovered by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; however, Jamie Raab (the Publisher of Grand Central Publishing) was the editor who snagged it (under the Warner Books imprint)… only after the book had landed on a sport’s editor’s desk, and then said editor went to lunch with Jamie, laughing at how an agent could be stupid enough to send a sport’s editor a book called Hairdo. Et Voilà.


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About Sarah Gilbert’s Writing
  • “A witty and imaginative writer: her irreverence is refreshing. Sarah Gilbert has a keen eye for revealing detail and a nice touch with dialogue.” – Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post Book World
  • “Sarah Gilbert is the funniest woman writer since Flannery O’Connor.”
    Vanity Fair Magazine
  • “Gilbert’s nervy, equivocating heroines invite readers to share their hang-ups and their victories, and even seem to posses the ability to absolve guilt.” – Publisher’s Weekly
  • “Ms. Gilbert insightfully illustrates the way family habits are perpetuated and delivers a powerful message about personal tyranny.”
    The New York Times
  • “Sarah Gilbert’s prose is swift, clean and clear.” – The Baltimore Sun
  • “Sarah Gilbert has an enviable freewheeling, and seemingly fearless,
    energy.” – Interview Magazine
  • “Who could fail to look forward to the next appointment with a writer who describes rain on a car rooftop as sounding ‘like little dogs running across linoleum’?” – Malcolm Jones, Newsweek
  • “She’s got a literary reputation.” – David Streitfeld, Washington Post Book World
  • “Sarah Gilbert is a terrific talent with a unique voice.” – John Jakes
  • “In the 50’s it was Chuck Berry and ‘Roll Over, Beethoven.’ In the 90s it’s Sarah Gilbert and eat your heart out Flaubert.” – Roy Blount, Jr.
  • “She says what she wants to say the way she wants to say it. That is rare… I await her next book. For me, that spells true inspiration.” –
    Kaye Gibbons
  • “I’m proud to stand up at the literary baptism of a fellow Carolinian. Her godparents are bound to be Eudora Welty and Garrison Keillor.” –
    Michael Malone
  • “Sarah Gilbert is a gifted writer. She writes like a combination of Merle Haggard and Roger Miller, with a touch of Charles Portis thrown in. Gilbert is flashy and funny, but underneath it, she is as smart as they come.” – Glamour Magazineclick to return to the top of the page
Praise for HAIRDO (Warner Books)
  • Hairdo has a weird, sunny energy and a lot of style.” – The Wall Street Journal
  • “The fun didn’t let up until the end of the last page. Read this book and meet one wild and funny bunch of characters. And meet one richly talented writer, Sarah Gilbert.” – Clyde Edgerton
  • Hairdo is smart and sassy – I LOVED IT!” – Lee Smith
  • Hairdo is a funny, true book.” – John Jakes
  • “Spicy… moving… Reading it is like eating barbecue while hanging around goggle-eyed, in the seraglio.” – Frederick Busch
  • “Funny all the way through, and big-hearted… as full of airy high spirits as a can of hair mousse.” – Valerie Sayers
  • Hairdo is a funny story.” – Charles Portis
  • “Her characters are wild and colorful; her setting is so vivid that you’ll smell perming solution… Hairdo is outrageously funny; like a regular customer, you’ll keep coming back.” – Jill McCorkle
  • “A truly funny and hairy debut.” – Roy Blount, Jr.
  • “Styled to perfection. Hairdo is ‘Steel Magnolia’ without the tears.” – The Atlanta Journal Constitutionclick to return to the top of the page
Praise for DIXIE RIGGS (Warner Books)
  • Dixie Riggs shows that Gilbert is not a one-book writer. It’s raucous, wild, funny and, above all, a great tale.” – Ocala Star Banner
  • “Raucous and comic… Dixie Riggs is a delightfully fresh and funny voice that rings with the sublime righteousness of the truly innocent.” – Booklist
  • Dixie Riggs is a breezy read that runs along on sass, spunk, and good old redneck raunchiness.” – Kirkus Reviews
  • Dixie Riggs is marvelous. Sparks and humor abound. Dixie Riggs wins our hearts on the very first page.” – Indianapolis News
  • “A zingy, sexy story, with enough funny incidents and pithy aphorisms to fill up a book twice its size.” – The South Carolina State Newspaper
  • “If you’re depressed or feeling down, read Dixie Riggs. Line after
    line, paragraph after paragraph, page by page, all the way without let-up, Gilbert’s feisty, direct, combination of humor and
    effervescent characters is a direct hit.” – Macon-Beacon
  • “A hilarious and surprisingly touching Southern tale of romance, revenge and renewal.” – Detroit Free Press
  • “Gilbert can move a sentence as fast as Dixie peeling rubber with her yellow Dodge Charger.” – The Baltimore Sun
  • “This book is a dazzling, red-hot whippersnapper. And beneath the whippersnapping – there’s heart.” – Clyde Edgertonclick to return to the top of the page
Praise for SUMMER GLOVES (Warner Books)
A League Of Their Own
Yep… the movie…

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