Abstract Painting – Fly Away

Copyright @ Sarah Gilbert Fox

About this painting

I love paintings that have pears.  Apples are nice, bananas are interesting and strangely shaped, but pears just seem to be the perfect fruit to paint.  My only problem was that when I painted my pears, they seemed to be unbalanced. The painting needed something more.  I was listening to my bother’s song, Fly

Original contemporary abstract painting, abstract painting with pears, abstract painting with bird cage, palette purples blues, artist Sarah Gilbert Fox
Flight 416 © Sarah Gilbert Fox 2017

Away when my sister called.  I had texted her a photo of my pear painting and said something was missing.  She said, “Add a bird.”  Probably if I had called my younger brother, he’d have told me to add a bagpipe, and it would have turned into an even different painting with a bird and renaissance bagpipes (because that the type he plays).  But for now… how about Fly Away.

(P.S. As an added bonus,Megan Sahara Wood, is on backup vocals.)

More about the painting Fly Away

Fly Away
by Micah Gilbert

Fly away
Let your cares fly
Watch them go
High and away
The wind and trees whisper they agree
The sun illuminates the day
Painted clouds, watercolour skies
And the morning calls us on our wayFly away
Let your cares fly
Watch them go
High and awayDragonflies fly by waterfalls
And they glide in on the breeze
Dew drops shining in the morning sun
And the wind is blowing through the treesFly away
Let your cares fly
Watch them go
High and away


released June 12, 2014
Backing vocals and recorders: Megan Sahara Wood