Illustrations Valentines Wedding

Romantic Illustration

The making of a romantic and unique wedding invitation.


If You Listen to One Song

This years been black and blue.
But we’re all right
And this Christmas could be white for me and you.

Abstracts Art Art During the Pandemic Postcard Series

Painting: Postcard from Harlem

So back to my early days in NYC and this painting. In 2020, the lines in the sand have been drawn. You’re either an idiot or you’re trying to be woke. I painted this while waking up.

Art Postcard Series

Painting: Postcard – Orpheus on the B Train

On one trip with my Dad, the train pulled up to the station and he disembarked. But I didn’t. Just as the doors had opened, a girl around my age (maybe 7) looked at me strangely, then deliberately turned her ice cream cone upside down and smashed it on top of my arm. I was too shocked to move and the doors shut with Dad trying frantically to get back in….

Abstract Animals Art

Painting: Giraffes in the Bird Garden

This was one of those paintings that I kept painting over and over. It started out as an abstract. Then I painted over the abstract and added two giraffes that looked as if they belonged in a child’s nursery – not exactly the look I was going for.


UX/UI: a 404 Page that Helps Your Business

This quote from David Bowie pretty much sums up the way all life should be: “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” And it pretty much sums up the way a website should be, too, e.g., if someone comes for a visit and they don’t know what to do – or they go to a page with a 404 error – at least make the visit an adventure.


Original Wall Mural – Jungle Theme

One time when I went to visit my sister, she asked me if I’d paint a mural for her. We come from very creative parents and she wanted my animals in a jungle themed wall mural on her kitchen wall (of all places – you’d expect this to be a nursery or playroom mural). She called it her Safari Mural.

Abstracts Art Art During the Pandemic Postcard Series

Painting: Postcard from the Lilac Garden

Every step I can take to prevent Covid goes into my outside preparations (up to and including having only outdoor shoes and indoor shoes – and dropping my backpack outside my door once I return). Once the pandemic prevention measures are finished, I head to a park. This week I visited the Lilac Garden in Central Park (it’s on the edge of the Sheep Meadow – 69th street area, midway).

Art Art During the Pandemic Postcard Series

Painting: Postcard from Alphabet City

This painting is about Alphabet City and Tompkins Square Park, with its crazy yippie and draft dodging past, and nice little restaurant, Pardon My French.

Abstracts Art Art During the Pandemic

Painting: Fireworks in NYC

As if the sirens weren’t loud enough during the pandemic – the fireworks started! So many people complained about them, but I loved when they started up. They were proof that someone was living during the pandemic.