Painting: Postcard – Orpheus on the B Train

On one trip with my Dad, the train pulled up to the station and he disembarked. But I didn’t. Just as the doors had opened, a girl around my age (maybe 7) looked at me strangely, then deliberately turned her ice cream cone upside down and smashed it on top of my arm. I was too shocked to move and the doors shut with Dad trying frantically to get back in….

Painting: Giraffes in the Bird Garden

This was one of those paintings that I kept painting over and over. It started out as an abstract. Then I painted over the abstract and added two giraffes that looked as if they belonged in a child’s nursery – not exactly the look I was going for.

UX/UI: a 404 Page that Helps Your Business

This quote from David Bowie pretty much sums up the way all life should be: “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” And it pretty much sums up the way a website should be, too, e.g., if someone comes for a visit and they don’t know what to do – or they go to a page with a 404 error – at least make the visit an adventure.

Original Wall Mural – Jungle Theme

One time when I went to visit my sister, she asked me if I’d paint a mural for her. We come from very creative parents and she wanted my animals in a jungle themed wall mural on her kitchen wall (of all places – you’d expect this to be a nursery or playroom mural). She called it her Safari Mural.

Painting: Postcard from the Lilac Garden

Every step I can take to prevent Covid goes into my outside preparations (up to and including having only outdoor shoes and indoor shoes – and dropping my backpack outside my door once I return). Once the pandemic prevention measures are finished, I head to a park. This week I visited the Lilac Garden in Central Park (it’s on the edge of the Sheep Meadow – 69th street area, midway).