Painting: Postcard – Morning in Riverside Park

This painting was inspired by a small, yellow bird in Riverside Park in NYC – and the speech “Beyond Freedom: A Time to Break The Silence,” that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave at Riverside Church, where he urged us to consider the importance of people in our thing-oriented society.

Painting: Poplars in the City

One afternoon I took off alone to get away from to explore Brooklyn. This painting – Poplars in the City – is the result.

Painting: Postcard – Sky from a NYC Rooftop

I still get a thrill whenever I step outside and see these rooftop water tanks, because they remind me that I am now a New Yorker. Something I am so proud to be. Pandemic or not.

Painting: Postcard of the West Village Dandelions

I was stuck in NYC alone for my birthday, with only the five quarantine cats to talk to (I’d taken my daughter’s cat and all of her roommates’ cats under wing – adding to our already 2-cat house).

Painting: Autumn Coloring NY

Before I moved to NYC, I’d never painted on a canvas larger than 48″ x 36″.  However, because of the pandemic, I had nothing better to do but paint around the clock… plus, I had a new terrace, so why not. My first attempt was so-so at best. 

Painting: Postcard from Riverside Park 10025

I moved to N.Y.C. during the heart of the heart of the first wave of the 2020 Pandemic. My husband had three or four months of work to do in D.C. before he could join us (us, being the cats and me). After the first week of translating cat talk, I went to Riverside Park to at least watch other people speak to each other!

Edisto Island Painted Buntings

Why did I want to add Painted Buntings to my Edisto painting? Because the males are brilliant in color – they look like tiny parrots you might see in South America, only they are in South Carolina. About this Painting by Sarah Gilbert Fox Copyright. © 2019 Sarah Gilbert Fox All rights reserved TitleEdisto Island……

The Birdie Garden

Tips on How to Paint Markmakings in Art Scratch over things you like. Never be careful.If something is outlined in black, try to scratch underneath to see if you might get a different color.Markmaking should be about drawing your attention away from the perfect to rethink the beauty of mistakesTry painting a color, letting it……

Edisto Island Sea Cow

“The real reason I titled the painting Edisto Island Sea Cow is because the animal on the left side of the painting was getting lost in the muck.” This is a new contemporary abstract figurative expressionism painting – with markmaking – by emerging artist Sarah Gilbert Fox. Acrylic on canvas with oil pastels. Canvas size……