Animal Painting – Blue Note Guys

Copyright @ Sarah Gilbert Fox

Abstract Painting – Blue Note Guys

About this painting

I fell in love with phthalo blues (the green and the red shades). Then, by accident, I purchased some Golden interference colors (blue, violet, green, violet green, green bluered). A happy madness took over and suddenly I was breaking away from doing mixed media paintings of my animals (the process of building things on canvas is such a pleasure) and instead began to build color on top of interference on top of color. Suddenly only paint was going on my canvas – a lot of paint.

original raw art, urban folk art, unique animal painting, artist Sarah Gilbert Fox
Blue Note Guys © Sarah Gilbert

My go-to paint brands are predominately Golden and Liquitex. Sometimes Utrecht, Blick and Sennelier creep in there, too. The brushes used are whatever is hanging around not covered in paint.

I also use a lot of cotton cloths to blend the paint around. Oh, yes, and my trusty spatula knife.

Almost all of my paintings are finished off with my own painting-framing technique, which allows the paintings to be hung without frames. The process is organic, with me putting a lot of Payne’s gray in the palm of my hands, and then palming the color around the sides of the painting – bleeding over the edge a bit – so the sides of the painting are black. Payne’s gray was the first paint I used to do this, and it’s sort of a good luck thing. I like to think that the luck is passed onto whomever is looking at the paintings. The buyers who have decided to have my work frame, tend to use floating frames.


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