Abstract Painting – Flight 416

Copyright @ Sarah Gilbert Fox

About this painting

I love paintings that have pears, so this is another in a series. Pears give me an anchor in my abstract paintings. Add a pear and you can add anything else. That’s the beauty of abstracts and pears.

Original contemporary abstract painting, abstract painting with pears, palette purples blues, artist Sarah Gilbert Fox
Flight 416 © Sarah Gilbert Fox 2017

My sister said that the squares looked like airplane windows, which is why the title is Flight 416. (416 was the address of my childhood house and is my default number.)

At first this painting seemed really frenetic and I tried to calm it down. Then I got mad at myself for trying to be so cautious so I said, “You know, go MORE frenetic!” So I added the arrows to help guide folks to look at this and that, and yes, this!

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