Romantic Illustration

This is an updated graphic that I made in 1994 for my sister’s and brother’s weddings. Their wedding dates were back to back, and in different locations, but they met halfway and we had a big shebang to celebrate.

To fix the original invitation (see below), I decided to use Photoshop instead of Illustrator (although I could easily see working this up as a vector). As I redrew / recolored all the components of the invitation (the flowers, hearts, wedding dress, tuxedo), I also decided to make the giraffes’ bodies thinner and lengthened their legs.

unique, original, wedding invitation celebration graphic illustration with giraffes and hearts and flowers

The original wedding invitation

(Names and address marked out for privacy reasons).

This wedding invitation could be tweaked to have different colors, different animals – perhaps a wedding invitation with dogs or cats or monkeys! Or it could be used for different occasions (think engagement announcement or romantic get away card, or a unique Valentines Day card, etc.).

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By Sarah Gilbert Fox

Published novelist and artist.