About the Art

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Artist Statement

Being disciplined and remembering to play with words has allowed me to write four novels. The same applies to art. I’m at the canvas daily, where I focus on the joy of painting. Visions of kids painting skies green, giving cows five legs, and coloring outside the lines is my guide – especially when I start getting too careful.

Art Philosophy

We were all born to paint, to write, to make music … to create. But somewhere along our path we are taught that we are no longer worthy to use these talents – that we have become too old – that this part of our life has passed us by.  The idea of picking up a paintbrush or pen or guitar leaves visions of mistakes playing around in our heads. But mistakes are a creator’s best friend. Mistakes are the parts of art that are so catching. We must get back to having fun playing around with words or musical notes or paints. Only then – when we embrace the fun and the mistakes – can we go back in time to where we were born to paint, to make music, to write … to create. It is our gift to create for others, and we all have our own unique voice – a voice that comes out of those mistakes! 

Short Biography about other work by Sarah

Before the original abstracts and unique animal art, there were the novels.
I used to be a novelist.  I was born in Athens, Georgia, and have lived up and down the east coast of America, as well as in Paris, France. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis discovered my first novel; however, Jamie Raab (the former publisher of Grand Central Publishing – originally Warner Books – and now the publisher of Celadon Books) was the editor who snagged it… but only after the book first landed on a sport’s editor’s desk. That editor went to lunch with Jamie, laughing at how an agent could be stupid enough to send a sport’s editor a book called Hairdo. Et Voilà.