Painting: Fireworks in NYC

Fireworks in NYC - a new abstract contemporary expressionism fine art painting during the pandemic by nyc artist sarah gilbert fox
Copyright © 2020 Sarah Gilbert Fox

As if the sirens weren’t loud enough during the pandemic – the fireworks started! So many people complained about them, but I loved when they started up. They were proof that someone was living during the pandemic.

I looked forward to them as much as I looked forward to the 7p.m. nightly banging of pots and pans to let the essential workers know that we were standing with them.  Admittedly, the fireworks usually started up a wee bit later – around 10pm – and went on into the night. Still, they were a celebration of life for me. So I painted this in homage to them.

This is a Contemporary Abstract Figurative Expressionism with Mark Making made on canvas with acrylic paints, oil pastels and charcoal on canvas – it is a painting that tells a story.

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By Sarah Gilbert Fox

Published novelist and artist.