Painting: Giraffes in the Bird Garden

An original contemporary abstract figurative painting with mark makings, giraffes, birds by NYC artist, Sarah Gilbert Fox
Copyright © 2020  Sarah Gilbert Fox All rights reserved

This was one of those paintings that I kept painting over and over. It started out as an abstract. Then I painted over the abstract and added two giraffes that looked as if they belonged in a child’s nursery – not exactly the look I was going for.

Frustrated, I started scratching off some of the paint (the opposite of mark making – mark unmaking?), then painted over the original giraffes and scratched around some more. The next day I came back and added different giraffes and big bold black strokes on the left side just because I had no idea what else to do. Then I left it thinking I’d come back and paint over the whole shebang one more time.

But I didn’t. It hung in my studio for a while until I realized it was exactly what it was meant to be.

Now, my favorite part of this painting is the story that comes next.  I always listen to music when I paint. And one of the musicians on my favorite playlist is Larry Pattis. I’d friended Larry on Facebook one day (and completely fell in love with him and his wife, Karla – as much as I was in love with his music!). And one day he asked to buy this painting.

One day I hope to meet Larry and Karla face to face. Until then, I’m just chuffed as heck that they have my painting hanging in their house.

And that I have his music in my playlist to listen to whenever I paint.

Without further ado, here’s Larry Pattis.

Click here to find out more about Larry.

Or read a wee bit about him below.

Larry Pattis: Named one of the “Top 10 Best Acoustic Music Artists of the Decade” by the International Acoustic Music Awards, Larry Pattis has been a featured headline performer at such illustrious venues as the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Millennium Stage in Washington DC.

This is a a contemporary abstract figurative animal with mark making on canvas. Copyright © 2020  Sarah Gilbert Fox
All rights reserved

The music, of course: Copyright © 2020  Larry Pattis
All rights reserved

By Sarah Gilbert Fox

Published novelist and artist.