Painting: Postcard from Riverside Park 10025

I moved to N.Y.C. during the heart of the heart of the first wave of the 2020 Pandemic. Great timing, right?

My husband had three or four months of work to do in D.C. before he could join us (us, being the cats and me).

Postcard from Riverside Park 10025 - Original New Contemporary Modern Abstract Art with Mark Making by NYC artist Sarah Fox
Copyright © 2020 Sarah Gilbert Fox

After the first week of translating cat talk, I went to Riverside Park to at least watch other people speak to each other! I could only catch snippets. A man was talking to his dog, “Buster, there’s your favorite tree. Go on.” (Of course, he was in the same position as I was – talking to a four-legged.)

Someone who looked as if they might be homeless was telling a woman who looked as if she might be very rich, “You’d better put your mask on, woman,” to which she took another drag off her cigarette and ignored him. There were a lot of kids running and playing, and an almost-teenager following what looked to be his nanny, crying, “I was winning. You didn’t have to pull me away. I was winning.” He didn’t look as if he’d been winning.

At one point, a couple of sparrows landed in front of two sparrow-sized women who were talking about an “old blue car” and “yes, it had those plastic bubble wraps on the seats so we couldn’t get food on the upholstery” and “absolutely no air conditioner, God, I melted” to” those sure were the good times, screaming out the back window, ‘Yahoo, Mountain Dew, It’s Good!'”

Being from the south, and having been cooped up so long in my apartment, it was music hearing another southerner talk.

And it was even better being in NYC – pandemic or not.

That afternoon, I went back to my terrace and started this painting.

To learn more about this painting – or to view other paintings by Sarah Gilbert Fox, visit her gallery store.

This is a Contemporary Abstract Expressionism with Mark Making from an original art postcard series made with acrylic paints, oil pastels and charcoal on canvas – it is a painting that tells a story.

Copyright © 2020  Sarah Gilbert Fox
All rights reserved

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By Sarah Gilbert Fox

Published novelist and artist.