Painting: Postcard from the Lilac Garden

Postcard - Poplars in the Lilac Garden is a new original fine art abstract contemporary expressionism painting during the pandemic by nyc artist sarah gilbert fox
Copyright © 2020 Sarah Gilbert Fox

March and April were frightening this year. Where every other March and April merely brought, at worst, heavy rains – 2020 brought the pandemic. With the ambulances going around the clock, most days found me inside, hugging a cat (since I was keeping my two and my kid’s cat and her roommates’ 2 cats – there were five from which to choose).

Every once in a blue moon, I put on a mask, tie up my hair, tighten my mask, put my phone inside a plastic bag (to keep it coronavirus free), re-tighten my mask, fill up a backpack with a sketchbook, charcoal and some oil pastels, take my mask off to put a cap on, then put the mask on again, and tighten it again. Every step I can take to prevent Covid goes into my outside preparations (up to and including having only outdoor shoes and indoor shoes – and dropping my backpack outside my door once I return). Once the pandemic prevention measures are finished, I head to a park.

This week I visited the Lilac Garden in Central Park (it’s on the edge of the Sheep Meadow – 69th street area, midway). The tulips were popping up and dancing in the breeze as if all was right with the world. A welcome sight during such a tragic time.

And from my visit came this painting.

To learn more about this painting – or to view other paintings by Sarah Gilbert Fox, visit her gallery store.

This is a Contemporary Abstract Expressionism with Mark Making from an original art postcard series made with acrylic paints, oil pastels and charcoal on canvas – it is a painting that tells a story.

Copyright © 2020  Sarah Gilbert Fox
All rights reserved

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By Sarah Gilbert Fox

Published novelist and artist.