Artist Statement

⇨ Artist Statement

Walter Cronkite was a fan of her art. Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a fan of her writing. But Sarah’s biggest fan is her daughter, Jenkins.

Being disciplined and remembering to play with words has allowed me to write four novels. The same applies to art. I’m in my studio daily, where I focus on the joy of playing with paintings and sculptures. Joy and playing, being the important words. Visions of kids painting skies green, giving cows five legs, and coloring outside the lines is my guide – especially when I’m too careful.

⇨ Artist Philosophy

We were all born to paint, to make music, to write … to create. Then somewhere along our path we are taught that we are no longer worthy to use these talents – that we have become too old – that this part of our life has passed us by. But we are never too old to create. We just have to remember that it is okay – important, in fact – to make mistakes. We need to get back to a time when we remember having fun playing around with paints and colors and words. We were born to paint, to make music, to write … to create. It is our gift to create for others, and when we do, we create original art using our own unique voice.

⇨ Artist Goals

  • To paint and sculpt, creating abstracts and original animal art that makes people happy and curious.
  • To finish her fifth book, which she will dedicate to her daughter, Jenkins – who is considered Fox’s greatest creation.


Infographic for the F.B.I.

Created an infographic that helped sell a multimillion-dollar project to the F.B.I.

UI / UX Project Management – Redesign

While I served as the managing editor of a scientific institute’s flagship publication, I realized that the digital access to the publication was next to non-existent. I pitched a solution to the executive director and the board, and they agreed to let me serve as the project manager and designer for a new website. Where the previous site was expensive to run and maintain, I developed a WordPress multisite that connected the organization’s state chapters to the society, allowing news and business to be shared back and forth, as well as to be shared with the membership, stakeholders, policy makers and media, as needed.

Animated Videos

Pirouette Media



Suddenly S.O.S. Home Health Care in Washington, D.C.



For Fun

Digital, Multimedia and Content Specialist


American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists

(This is an old one – but it still has a great message.)

CV – Resume

Sarah Gilbert Fox
• UI/UX Designer
• Multimedia and Content Strategist
• 2D Animator
• Novelist and Artist

There’s a lot in this CV, so pick and choose as you need. A magazine once wrote, “Fox is like a duck-billed platypus.  Where others write novels, she also paints, strategizes creative solutions, finds holes to fix, techs things out, makes wonderful videos, and, probably, secretly, pushes all the elevator buttons when no one is looking.”

So why do I choose UI/UX design over editing magazines or writing books? Because I have a passion for understanding your audience and what you want to give them.

My father,  Thomas F. Gilbert (1927–1995),  was a psychologist who is known as the founder of the field of performance technology, also known as Human Performance Technology (HPT).  I cut my teeth in the field, by helping edit his novel Human Competence when I was a teenager. 

From there, I went on to write four novels novels, but continued to be fascinated by the world of User-Interface and User-Experience.  By 2008, I was already developing UI / UX strategies for print publications, which I then segued into the nonprofit field. 

Over a decade later, I decided to start my own consultation business, offering my services to national and international websites (Hotel de Londres, Hôtel Britannique, BonjourParis, etc.), print publications (the Orlando Sentinel, USA Today, Style magazine, etc.), nonprofits, and more.

There’s scrum, there’s agile, there’s iteration / iterative development, there’s SAAS, etc, but it all boils down to knowing what your story is, why your audiences wants to connect with you, and making sure they get what they want as beautifully and easily as possible.



● Work History

Director of New Multi-Media Content and Visual Strategist
Project Manager
4 years

●  American Fisheries Society (AFS)

Managing Editor / Project Manager
6 years

● Fisheries magazine – flagship publication for the American Fisheries Society (AFS)
● American Fisheries Society multisite / membership / newsletter communication strategy and development

Executive Editor, Website and Social Media Strategist
5 years

● Briefs– newsletter for the American Institute of Fisheries
Research Biologists (AIFRB)

Senior Editor and Social Media Strategist
5 years

●  Style magazine
●  Jolie magazine

Executive Producer
10 years


Director of volunteers
2 years

●  AOL (The Hub Channel) (2 plus years)

Consulting Work and Strategies

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● Publications


● Hairdo
Dixie Riggs
● A League of Their Own
● Summer Gloves
●  under contract for book #5)
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Travel Writer & Journalist

● USAToday
● Explorer Resident’s Guide
● Jolie magazine
● Style magazine
● Glamour magazine
● Self magazine
● Bonjour Paris

Newest Novel
German edition: Die Dauerwellen des Lebens

● Education

●  The University of South Carolina – English & Literature; Creative Writing

● Contact